Many people will tell you that Dubai is the most exciting city in the world. All the luxurious skyscrapers, tons of gold, and the most expensive cars attract more and more tourists every year. On top of all the fanciness, the weather in Dubai is simply perfect throughout most of the year. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this stunning place? I mean, what can be better than having a delicious C0cktail in the pool of a penthouse with golden toilets, hot maids, and breathtaking views. I know that Dubai is very tempting but think twice before actually booking your ticket.
Not everything is perfect in Dubai. I mean, do you think that all those enormous skyscrapers and malls just appeared out of nowhere in a blink of an eye? Oh yes, people had to build it. And the conditions those people were working under will make you disgusted by Dubai. The government and billionaires brutally use the unfortunate workers to increase their profit. It is such a shame, and someone needs to put an end to it; however, nothing will change as long as people will choose only to see the bling-bling side of Dubai. On top of that, racism has pretty deep roots in the culture of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are so many examples of people getting mocked just because they come from the third-world countries that even Mel Gibson sounds like a liberal compared to the people of Dubai. So, you just must know all the dark secrets about Dubai before its shiny and shimmering world blinds you completely.

15. Laborers Work 14 Hours A Day Exposed To Blistering 120 Degree Heat

Laborers Work 14 Hours A Day Exposed To Blistering 120 Degree Heat
I bet everyone knows how fast Dubai is developing. While you are reading this article, Dubai probably added at least ten new skyscrapers to its possession. And the people in business can have all the money in the world, but they still need some old-school workforce to build things as fast as they do. However, the rich of Dubai don’t think that laborers should be treated equally to them. In contrary, most of the laborers are living in terrible conditions, and their lives are in danger every day.
For example, the government of Dubai advises tourists never to stay under the sun for longer than five minutes when the temperature goes over 120 degrees. That makes sense, right? However, no one cares about the workers. They still work for at least 14 hours a day. Naturally, it causes a lot of deadly accidents, but Dubai’s money silently covers all of these problems. So, before falling in love with Dubai, think about how many people had to die in the process of making it.

14. Prison For Kissing In Public

Prison For Kissing In Public
People in Dubai are mostly Muslims, and that means that the rules, especially the ones regarding intimacy, are extremely strict. I know that all the cool pictures from Dubai can trick us into believing that it is a very liberal place, but that is the biggest mistake that a person can make before going to Dubai. I mean, it is even illegal to hold your partner’s hand in public. Tourists who disobey this rule pay huge fines. If those tourists decide to become real rebels and kiss, they might even face some prison time. It is plain stupid, but it is the way the world works in the UAE. Needless to say, having a S3.x:’ual intercourse with your partner before marriage is a serious crime in Dubai. Many locals try to hide their bedroom business and choose to break the law for some pleasure. However, doing so in Dubai you can never know if your girlfriend will get knocked up or locked up.

13. Human Trafficked In Dubai

Human Trafficked In Dubai
The laws are extremely strict in Dubai when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and S3@.x:’. A girl can get in trouble just by walking down the street with her hands not covered. However, when the night comes, everything changes. The oldest profession in the world, prostitution, is booming in Dubai. There are more than 30,000 Pr@.$t!tutes, who openly show their skin, and charge $500 per hour. I don’t know much about this business, but $500 sounds like an unreasonable amount of money. But that is not the main problem.
The biggest issue is that the large businesses support and encourage prostitution. Of course, it is one of the best trades in Dubai, and it makes them rich. White slavery is a dirty public secret of Dubai, and even police turn a blind-eye to it. “Lady’s Night” is a code name for a night with a lot of women to choose from, and if you are a woman, standing alone by the bar, businessmen will assume that you are for sale. So watch out ladies!

12. Wasting Enormous Amounts Of Drinking Water

Wasting Enormous Amounts Of Drinking Water
Dubai is located in a desert, and it means that people have to import water from elsewhere. Of course, as long as money is growing on the trees in Dubai, drinking water doesn’t seem to bother anyone. In contrary, Dubai manages to be on top when it comes to wasting the water.
For example, there are plenty of golf courts in Dubai, which need close to 4,000,000 gallons of water per day just to keep the grass green. Yeah, the rest of the world is facing a massive shortage of drinking water, and people have to die of thirst, but who cares as long as there is a functioning golf court in Dubai? And this vanity and ignorance reflect off everything in Dubai. The government doesn’t give a crap about others as long as they are getting their money, and people are blinded by all the luxurious golf courts in the middle of the desert. However, every mirage, even such a beautiful one as Dubai’s, has to end sometime.

11. Dubai Will Fail Miserably When There’s No More Oil

Dubai Will Fail Miserably When There’s No More Oil
It is not so hard to build a paradise in the middle of nowhere as long as you have a lot of black gold. Yes, we all know that the Middle East region depends heavily on oil, and it is the only thing that carries them. However, people in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, seem to forget that nothing lasts forever. In 20 years, there will either be not enough oil or its price will be so high that people will shift to other energy sources. What will happen to Dubai then? Well, they will have close to zero dollars to pay for all their costs. In other words – the bubble of Dubai will explode. This city will become nothing more than an example of how to waste your money without thinking about the consequences. And the world is a funny place, where you cannot run from the consequences of your actions even if you are the richest man on Earth.

10. Savage Racism

Savage Racism
We are living in the 21st century where people no longer accept racism as a norm. However, humanity is prepared to make an exception. For example, no one seems to give a damn about the fact that racism is a driving force in Dubai. This city is a brutal place with savage rules, where you are only as good as your passport is. For example, according to many sources, North Americans and Europeans get double (or more) the salary than people from the third-world countries, for the exact same job in the exact same company. Yeah, while the world is talking about the injustice of women getting paid less than men (which is, of course, wrong), it also has a blind-eye to all the legal crimes that the Dubai businesses do. How in the world is it still possible that people earn money not for their job, but for their country of origin? I will tell you how – the rich are incredibly greedy in Dubai, and they know that they can enslave people from the third-world without any regulations. Who cares about the equality, right?

9. Dubai Enslaves Laborers By Seizing Their Passports

Dubai Enslaves Laborers By Seizing Their Passports
Dubai is only beautiful on the surface. The deeper you dig, the more crimes and dark stories you can find. Sadly, Dubai has become a place, where slavery is still present. Of course, formally, everything is legal, but in practice, people from countries such as India, Pakistan, and China are forced to work long hours for basically no money. On top of that, many unfortunate laborers cannot leave Dubai because, upon the arrival, the government and business people seize their passports. Oh no, it is not a scenario of a horror movie – it is the reality. So, laborers immigrate to Dubai with hopes of a better life but soon discover that nothing can be worse than that artificial “paradise” in the desert. They work till they collapse, under terrible conditions, for as little as $100 per month, while their bosses are wiping their rear ends with $100 bills. Tell me more about justice in the world.

8. The Government Is Openly Destroying The Environment

The Government Is Openly Destroying The Environment

Dubai is developing so fast with the help of their slavery workforce. Every day more and more complexes appear in this city out of nowhere. Investors don’t want to wait; they want their stuff now. Naturally, there is a lot of sewage and chemical waste from the construction sites. However, sewage treatment facilities cannot keep up with the pace, and the lines for dumping the waste became so long, that many businesses decided to dump their chemicals elsewhere. By saying elsewhere, I mean the sea. Many tourists started noticing that the sea is getting dirtier, and soon it will become dangerous to swim there. How did the government react to this? They simply shut themselves from the people with a wall of silence. Also, the government made sure that people understand that bringing this question up to the public will result in deportation out of the country.

7. Fast Car Means Fast Death On The Road

Fast Car Means Fast Death On The Road
People just lose their heads when it comes to Dubai and fancy cars. Any vehicle enthusiast knows that Dubai is the place where you can find even the rarest cars. Of course, it is stunning to see all the newest sports cars speeding around the city. However, there is another side of the moon as well.
People often say that Dubai is the worst place in the world to drive your car. Drivers lack good manners and their attitude towards safety is simply unacceptable. Carelessness and speeding cause most of the accidents in Dubai. Oh yes, it is not so hard to forget about the speed limits when you are sitting in your brand new $500,000 Lamborghini. That is how people die in Dubai. The streets are full of show-offs who cover their vanity with money and kill people with their ignorance.

6. Everything Is Fake In Dubai

Everything Is Fake In Dubai
If you thought that Las Vegas is the fakest place in the world, you thought it wrong. The need of gambling is real in Las Vegas, and that is the reason why the capital of gambling will be successful for many years to come. However, we cannot say the same about Dubai.
Many regular people who are working normal jobs in Dubai repeatedly say that everything is fake there starting from the trees and finishing with people’s smiles. The rich built Dubai as an artificial place where people from all over the world can feel like they are the kings. Sadly, people who stayed in Dubai longer understood that all the luxury is only there to provide fake (but satisfying) emotions and leech all the money. If Dubai were a person, it would have 1,000 plastic surgeries and a metal heart. After all, only an empty desert is hiding behind all the vanity.

5. Law Is Cruel To The Ones Without Money

Law Is Cruel To The Ones Without Money
It is true that Dubai is full of parties, luxurious cars, and rich people. However, there are also a lot of unfortunate ones whose fate doesn’t bother anyone. Many people came to Dubai in high hopes of a better tomorrow. Those people had good jobs in multinational companies. Life seemed like a heaven.
However, laws are very strict in Dubai, and the government immediately imprisons everyone who fails to pay any sort of debt. That also applies to contractors from all over the world. So, when multiple of multinational companies got in trouble with their businesses, the workers had to suffer as well. The government of the UAE seized their property and locked them up in jail. You can see a lot of half-homeless people walking around Dubai, waiting for their family members to get free out of jail. Of course, the government and the rich don’t care about those problems. I mean, Dubai is only about having fun, right?

4. Sonapur – The Labor Camp In Dubai

Sonapur – The Labor Camp In Dubai
Sonapur is a small neighborhood in Dubai which you probably don’t know. I mean, despite the fact that Sonapur means “Land of Gold” in Hindu, it has nothing to do with gold. In contrary, Sonapur is the home of all the poor labor workers in Dubai. Over the years, it became the labor camp which attracts more and more semi-slaves from the third-world countries. According to estimations, over 150,000 laborers are living (surviving) in Sonapur under the unbearable conditions. Eight (or more) workers usually share one tiny room, hundreds share one bathroom, and they are also lucky if they get any food on a given day. On top of that, those people have to work long hours every day because… because they have no other choice.
How Dubai solves this problem? Well, they don’t think it is any kind of problem as long as laborers build fancy hotels and skyscrapers. So yeah, they do nothing with their legal labor camp which is barely better than the Gulags.

3. Wild Animals Are Not That Wild In Dubai

Wild Animals Are Not That Wild In Dubai
People in Dubai have so much money that they don’t know where to spend it anymore. Some buy golden cars; others swim in the pools full of dollar bills. Don’t get me wrong – that is alright as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. However, it is trending in Dubai to own a wild animal. The sheiks are not happy with dogs and cats anymore, so they just buy themselves a tiger, panther, leopard, lion, or any other exotic animal. Of course, this is not The Walking Dead, and the sheiks are not as good with wild animals as King Ezekial. Naturally, many animals suffer in Dubai just because rich men want to show-off amongst their buddies.
Of course, many people around the world think that it is something cool to have a tiger as a pet, but in reality, wild animals are supposed to be in the wild. You can be as rich as you want, but it is impossible to change the law of nature.

2. Free Speech Is A Myth In Dubai

Free Speech Is A Myth In Dubai
Dubai is one of those places in the world where free speech is free only as long as it matches government’s ideas. However, when someone is trying to raise the important questions, they just receive a call from so called “secret police of Dubai.” The conversation is usually straightforward. The government gives you two choices: you can either shut up or lose everything you have. Okay, there is sometimes a third option, which let the rebels to visit a prison cell for no extra fee. Naturally, most of the people chose to shut up because the UAE government has too much money to fight against. It means that Dubai gets a free pass to do all the crimes and still get away with it. That is how the world works in Arabian Peninsula.
On top of that, over 80 percent of people in the UAE are immigrants. The law to become a citizen of the UAE is so tricky and shady that you cannot do it without tons of money. Living in Dubai for 20, 50, or even 100 years won’t help either. So, when you talk too much in Dubai, the government has all the rights to deport you.

1. Dubai Is An Ugly Dictatorship

Dubai Is An Ugly Dictatorship
So, we already know how controversial Dubai is. Let’s be honest; there are tons of things to love there and going to Dubai on holiday sounds like a very attractive deal. However, all the slavery, environmental problems, and ignorance make Dubai look like a shining city full of immoral people. Right, it is everyone’s choice how to see the UAE and Dubai. That said, have you ever wondered who is behind all the lights of Dubai?
The UAE is theoretically a federal monarchy with President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. However, it is practically a dictatorship, and Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is behind all the most important decisions. Of course, he is also controlling the money and modern slavery. Sheik Mohammed has so much power that his word is final and any fool who thinks otherwise has to face the cruel consequences. Welcome to the 21st century, folks


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