was a sad  december for the family of Late Mr/Engr. Bartholomew who was gruesomely shot three times in the stomach by an unidentify Hausa man in his small garden farm at  Lokpa Nta in Abia state.
According to a report reaching our, Mr/Engr. Bartholomew  who hails from Amata a community in Ishiagu Ivo Local government of Ebonyi state went to his farm to harvest cucumber which he tends to transport to Aba, Abia state where his wife and family resides meet his sudden death.

A family  source who spokes with our reporter says previously, Engr Bartho has consistently laments on how Hausa residence from gariki popuparly called AMAWUSA usually invade his farmland to harvest his cucumber. But on the 24th of december, bartho went to the farm, on reaching their he meet one of the culprits who happens to be an Hausa man. he got annoyed and demands for the reasons why the Hauas man should engage in such criminality.  the unidentified man draws his pistol and shot Bartholomew three times in the stomach. before he will struggle home with the gunshot, he has already bleed to death.
The youths of Ishiagu condemns this heinous crime perpetuated by Hausa man, calling for urgent intervention , urging   Ebonyi state commissioner of police to swap into immediate action to bring this culprit to book.


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