President Muhammadu Buhari, through the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Uguru Usani, has said that about 95 percent of the projects initiated by previous administrations, have been completed.
The Minister, who made this known while speaking to Journalists, also said contractors working on roads constructions in the Niger Delta Region, have been mobilized, and they are back to site.

While narrating some of the successes of the Ministry in the year 2016, which includes the training of 214 women and youth in Israel, on agricultural value chain, the training of ‎150 youth on ICT, infrastructural parks, building of housing estates which captured 9 States in the region, Usani noted that there are challenges the Ministry is facing, in trying to discharge its duties.

He said: “These youths were trained and also empowered with between N300,000 and N500,000, to start up their businesses, and with result from our follow up team, they are doing well in their various skills.
“The extent of the housing estates, is for the vulnerable people, or those that are not financially buoyant to get allocation”.
He added, that despite the challenges the area is facing, such as environment, security, economy, capacity and organization, the Ministry over the period, has been doing what it can to development the region, adding that, everybody’s cooperation has been enhanced.
“We spent good time putting in place organization, because people’s opinion tends to be that the Ministry, is just a place where militants come in whenever they are agitated.

“It should be notable that the Ministry trains non-militant youth, while the Amnesty wing trains the militant youth of the region”, Usani said.


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