The 2017 budget breakdown, has revealed how the State House, and some agencies of government under President Muhammadu Buhari, would be spending a whopping sum of N42.9 billion, in the fiscal year.
‎The amount according to Economic and Financial Experts, is outrageous; sequel to the biting economic recession that has engulfed the nation, with no solution in sight.
‎There are 16 agencies under the State House, and they are: State House Headquarters, The Office of the President, The Office of the Vice President, Office of the Chief of Staff to the President, Office of the Chief Security Officer to the President, State House Medical Centre, among several others.
According to the breakdown, the State House (President’s Office) is allocated a total of N1.3 billion, comprising overhead, recurrent, and a zero capital allocation.
State House, (Vice-President) got a total allocation of N448 million, comprising overhead, recurrent, and a zero capital allocation.‎
State House Headquarters got a total of N11 billion, comprising overhead sum of N2.7 billion, recurrent N4.4 billion, and capital allocation of N6.5 billion.
By implication, Buhari and his household will be spending the sum of N135, 780,000 on fuel and lubricants, in the 2017 fiscal year.
This amount will take care of their motor vehicle fuel (petrol), plant generator fuel, and cooking gas.
Aside, a total of ‎N123, 223,000 was also budgeted for his foodstuffs, and catering materials.
For ‎office stationery, computer consumables, books, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals, the total sum of N291, 342,000 was allocated to the President.
For the ‎Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo a total sum of N306.7 million was budgeted for both local and foreign trips, while N53,494,992 will be spent on foodstuffs and catering materials.

‎Elsewhere, his office stationery will gulp N9, 960,000; welfare packages N24.4 million, and the sum of N14.6 million on publicity, and advertisements.

Still on the office of the Vice President, the sum of N21.3 million will be spent on honorarium and sitting allowances; N10.4 million will be spent on printing of non-security documents, and N3 million will be spent on uniforms, and other clothing usually worn during ceremonies.
In specific terms, the State House will be purchasing books worth N4.2 million; newspapers worth N28.3 million, and magazines worth N4.08 million, during the coming fiscal year.
The Office of the Chief of Staff to the President, on the other divides, have a total budgetary allocation sum of N28.5 million. The breakdown include: total capital expenditure of N8.2 million, and recurrent expenditure of N20.3 million.
The Office of the Chief Security Officer to the President, has a total budget allocation sum of N123.3 million. The allocation is made up of total capital of N12 million, and a recurrent of N111.3 million.
The State House Medical Centre is allocated N331.7 million as recurrent expenditure, with a zero capital allocation. While the State House (Liaison Office), is allocated N279.8 million.
The office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President (OSSAP-SDGS), would be spending N111.7 million in 2017. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) got N17.2 billion, comprising N7 billion for capital, and N10.1 billion for recurrent.
Other agencies of government under the Presidency and their budget allocation in 2017 are: Nigeria Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, N1.6 billion, comprising recurrent, N1.2 billion; capital, N382.8 million; recurrent N1.2bn; Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) got N1.1 billion, comprising total recurrent sum of N933 million and capital N221.1 million; and Nigeria Emergency Management Agency, NEMA got N1.3 billion, comprising N506.1 million as capital, and N880 million as recurrent.
The Bureau of Public Procurement, BPP, got N1.4 billion, with recurrent taking N900.8 million, capital allocation N584.9 million; Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) got N1.2 billion with recurrent in the sum of N900.8 million, and capital N379.5 million; Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission & ITS Centres got N5 billion as its total allocation, with N4 billion as capital, and N980.1 million as recurrent.
The Office of the Chief Economic Adviser to the President, is allocated N106.8 million, which comprises N60 million as capital, and N46.8 million as recurrent in 2017 fiscal year.


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