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This is a very encouraging story of a girl who excelled with flying colors despite battling for her life after a horrible accident in Oyo state. Rebecca who graduated from the University of Ibadan, was involved in a terrific accident (between a car and the bike she boarded) -which left her battling for her life at the college hospital last year....

In her recovery condition, she still pulled through and graduated with an excellent grade...She is currently a Corps member serving in Enugu state.

Hear her story as shared on her social media page.

Saturday evening November 14 2015, reminds me of wat it means "2fight for one’s life’. As I boarded a 20mins bike 4rm my school (UI) 2d University college hospital (UCH, Ibadan) for a quick visit.I had no idea dat ws goin to be my home for a while as within 5mins of leavin d school gate all I rememba is a car running in2 my bike 4rm the side.

Me dragging my almst lifeless body away 4rm dbusy road tasting blood in my mouth, pain all over my body. Voices of concerned passers-by helping me up as dey asked…’who should we call?’. Jesus help me’ is all I could mutter as I ws tryin hard to hold onto my life while hearing ‘Rebecca please don’t sleep, just kip looking at dis light’ ( Nokia torch light)

Drips, injections, doctors, questions. Darkness…I couldn’t see a thing anymore…den I couldn’t make gud sentences. ‘We have to run a CT scan and X-rays, 2check her brain and her spinal cord’...dats d last thing I heard.

Neuro ward’…dat’s wia I spent d folown days. " nurses would clean Ur wounds daily but U are not 2 move…or turn your head, U will have to eat , urinate, poo, bathe on this bed. We need 2b sure Ur spinal cord was not affected.’ D doctor sed.

Night was d time everything about life made me sad. I was a final year student, my project was still there, and I had exams in 2weeks. I cried evry night. Was I going to have an extra year? I kept asking God so many questions. I depended on d nurses 4 everytn…..everytn! I left d hospital n den faced reality.

My project, exams. I studied hard, it ws difficult because I had 2wear d neck collar since I insisted on goin back 2school, I dd not want bed rest.

So everything I dd, was wit my neck collar, eat, drink, bathe, read. I could not bend, lift heavy things, or sleep on a bed…I would cry every tym because I ws in pain but I had 2b strong.

I read in neck collar, wrote my exams, defended my project and graduated wit a 5.0 CGPA.

Wit d help of God, family, friends, lecturers, roommate, course mates n doctors….I pulled thru.

Oh!...I stil do not know d car or d man who hit me… Witnesses sed, he ran his tyres on us…dragged us as the bike got hooked 2d car and drove off on top speed!


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