A top military source that was part of the troops that stormed Sambisa Forest, has revealed how senior military officers, aided the escape of Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau, during the last military raid.
The source, on Saturday, December 31, revealed that Nigerian troops in company of Cameroonian counterparts, took position for about a week in readiness.
“We were told to pin down, meaning to remain where we were. We were seeing our target, which was Camp Zero, but had to wait for orders to attack,” he said.
The source, also said the only source of water for the insurgents living at Camp Zero, was a nearby irrigation plant at Alapo.
“Within the seven days, we pinned down, whenever we go to Alapo to fetch water, we had on several occasions clashed with insurgents coming from Camp Zero, also to fetch water. Whenever that happens, we exchange fire and on several occasions we killed a good number of them,” he said.
The source narrating further, said, after the seven days elapsed, the troops were ordered to retreat for another seven days, before the final attack.
He said: “Unfortunately, I believe, within the two weeks delay that was when Shekau and his other commanders must have escaped.

‘’The insurgents had all fled before we got there, and we only met some elderly people, children and a few AK47 rifles, with some small arms they left behind”.

There were many Boko Haram flags flying when troops stormed Camp Zero, all bearing the terrorists’ insignia, according to another highly-placed military source.
He added that “There were clothes, pots, massive cauldrons and some food items scattered around the area, suggesting hasty departure.
While another top military source, that was privy to the planning and execution of the attack on Sambisa Forest, said, the target was Camp Zero, where Shekau was said to be hiding. “We have not been able to cover the entire forest, as everyone now knows it is very wide,” he said.
One of our sources, said, while the victory at Camp Zero is indeed impressive, it could have been better. “The way we stormed the place, and took it, was so smooth that it seems like a movie. I am hoping and praying for the best, but I hope this is truly the end of Boko Haram,” he said.
Another operational source, who also gave details of the fierce battle that lasted for days, said: “By the time we were ready to charge into the camp, they had set it on fire and fled. We found a wounded sect member strapped to an IED, and we stayed away cautiously. He cursed at us, eventually detonating it and killing himself,” the source said.
Being the stronghold of Boko Haram, especially Shekau, questions about Chibok girls were asked. The source said, both the leader of the terrorists and the kidnapped schoolgirls were nowhere to be found.

“I don’t think Shekau is with the [Chibok] girls, as he’s on the run. They most likely are with some of his top commanders,” he said.


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