US President, Donald Trump is about to sign executive orders that include a temporary ban on most refugees and a suspension of visas for citizens of seven predominant Islamic countries, including three from Africa.
The countries to be affected by the ban are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.
Responding to the spate of attacks across the world, Trump had vowed, in the buildup to the US presidential election, to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the US until he figured out “what the hell was going on”

Although the comment created uproar, some Republicans and his allies defended the ban, insisting that the measure was about Americans’ “safety” and not about discriminating against religion.
Trump is also expected to target legal immigrants as early as this week, White House officials said, by halting a decades-old programme that grants refuge to the world’s most vulnerable people.
The refugee policy under consideration would halt admissions from Syria.
Trump had earlier hinted of his plan to embark on the measures.


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