By: Tony Kanu
Igbos & dealing with an age-long ‘SHIT’
First off, anyone reading this will have to excuse my language because I need to call a spade by its real name.
There’s new ‘SHIT’ that’s about to happen in Lagos. Personally, I like that ‘SHIT’ because some Igbos have refused to accept the fact that Nigeria & “One Nigeria” is one deep ‘SHIT’ they are dealing with. They don’t want to see it as ‘SHIT’ they ought to get off from, or stop the unnecessary attempts to socio-politically suck up to others who make up the ethnic nationalities of the failed Nigerian ‘SHITTY’ union.
Now listen to latest ‘shocker’ by Governor Ambode of Lagos State, and a certain Yoruba group known as ‘Coalition of Lagos Indegenes’…
● “…Henceforth, the position of ‘Eze Ndi-Igbo in Lagos’ will not be allowed anymore.” — Governor Ambode speaking recently at Badagry.
● “Computer village and Alaba Intl market will be moved to outskirts of Lagos to allow for Government proposed plans for those areas. Ladipo market will be moved to Lagos-Ibadan expressway because the present Ladipo market is meant to be government owned hospital site. ” — Governor Ambode speaking at same location.
● “Lagos is not a colonial settlement. It is owned by Yorubas.”— Ambode as quoted in same place.
● ” We are excited about this news and we thank the Governor for implementing the real master plan of Lagos to relocate computer village and Alaba Market to Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and also that the Ladipo market land master plan is for public hospital.
With this giant stride to reclaim our land from imposters (Ndi-Igbo), we thank the spirits of our ancestors of obas of lagos on behalf of oba Riliwanu Akiolu Aremu,and all the past obas of Lagos.
We wish to state no Yoruba sons and daughters should employ non-indigene in our ministries or local goverment in Lagos state anyone that does otherwise will be haunted by the spirits of our obas and ancestors.
We thank God for Yoruba warriors led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu working tirelessly to reclaim Lagos back from those claiming its a no man’s land. 
He that hath an ear let him ear.
Itesiwaju Eko lo je wa logun!!!!! “—- Coalition of Lagos State Indigenes, August 2016. 

Now, what more can one add? Isn’t it crystal clear what this is all about?
Some Igbos in my school of thought have been on this agitation for “THINK HOME” by the Igbo and for what Ndi-Igbo are facing; But the affected ones don’t seem to buy into it and scarcely have good points as reasons of staying put.
The Igboman’s traducer sees him as a LEECH. In Lagos, Igbo traders are being chased from one spot to another and have remained unsettled since the new diehard Lagos-boy known as Akinwunmi Ambode became Governor.

About the position of “Eze Ndi-Igbo in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos et al”, isn’t it about time those ‘Igbo characters’ understand what they are dealing with and then allow ‘Igbo-Ezeship’ to remain in Igboland with due reverence that position deserves? Not the bastardization it faces outside Igboland.
To buttress the Igbo traducement & extreme hatred, in the North, Igbo traders in Kaduna shut their shops last week and protested the incessant killings of innocent Igbos by unknown persons. The list is endless and, surely, have been heard-of by many.
In all of the aforementioned, bottomline is, until the Igboman comes to terms with what he’s dealing with as a “Nigerian”, he’ll do the needful of “Thinking home” or, supporting the agitation of a restructured Nigeria or, outright peaceful secession.
IPOB biafra protest
I wonder why something that refused to work since 102-years ago (Nigeria’s amalgamation in 1914) is still being forced to work. Isn’t it evident that it is DEAD?
We’ve had enough of this ‘SHIT’ and it has been that way long ago. Flushing it down history’s septic-tank will serve best purposes for everyone.
Tony Kanu writes from Lagos


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