Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has taken his lash on president Buhari and APC, without mincing words, he accused the APC led government of being corrupt, saying that they have graduated into being international criminals unlike PDP, Read with open mind.
Listen to Emir Sanusi….
“Haha, the truth is that we are in worst corruption Nigeria has ever known.
From PDP fuel subsidies to APC Dollar subsidies. From PDP oil dealers to APC dollars dealers.
from PDP poor screening exercise for Federal employment to APC employment of family members and members of the ethnic group without screening exercise.
From PDP national party of corruption to APC ethnic party of corruption.
From PDP freedom of information to APC oath of secrecy. From PDP freedom of movement and civil liberty to APC restrictions of right.
From PDP robust INEC to APC nepotic INEC. from PDP National DSS to APC family/ethnic/ party Dss. From PDP rule of law to APC Buhari body language.
From PDP corrupt governor to internationally acclaimed super corrupt minister.
From borrowing money to purchase nomination form to having a wife with 40 million naira hand bag, Halliburton nko?

The COAS estate isnt not corruption under Buhari, meanwhile under GEJ a minister was sacked because a company he once had interest in bidded for the power he was privatizing.
Under PMB the EFCC boss with millions of dollars traced to his bribing scandals has gone free and unquestioned while under GEJ Stella of aviation ministry was sacked to allow free and fair investigation into a frivolous allegations against her which she was later proven innocent.
Between PMB and GEJ who is truly corrupt?
Who has abused the people’s power entrusted into his hand? Who have raped us, killed us extrajudicially?
Who has appointed his tribesmen into offices against the spirit of federal character?
Is tribalism an act of corruption?
Is nepotism an act of corruption?
Is cronyism an act of corruption?
Is maginalisation an act of corruption?
Is seizure of citizens right an act of corruption?
Who is corrupt? APC has not been able to conduct election since Buhari took over, what is it? Coooo what? Is it cooo purity or ruption? Hahaha.

Ondo APC primary witnessed bags of money under the leadership of saint Buhari….it is change.”


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