Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, and the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, on Saturday, October 1, both expressed hope that Nigeria’s economy will bounce back to life.
The duo made this known in separate ‎interviews with State House Correspondents, at the end of the Presidential Change of Guards Parade, organised to mark Nigeria’s 56th independence day anniversary, inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
They both expressed the belief that Nigeria will soon emerge from its current challenges, to become a better nation.
According Osinbajo, ‎he was convinced that Nigeria would soon begin to witness growth in all facets of life.
‎”‎I think it is a time for a lot of hope and expectation. I think that in the next few years, we will demonstrate the real capacity of our country, in every facet of our life. We will prevail,” Osinbajo noted.
Saraki ‎on the other hand, urged Nigerians to cooperate with their leaders, with a view to moving the country forward.

Saraki said, ‎although things are tough, Nigeria has the wherewithal to weather the storm.

On the Legislative efforts to revive the economy, he said, ‎the National Assembly had already come up with a 20-point resolution for the Executive, that will assist the country come out of recession.
“Well, things are tough. I have said it many times, that we must face reality. I don’t think it is insurmountable. I believe that we can do it.
“Like I said earlier, we have stayed united; we have stayed focused, determined and hard-working. It is not something that we cannot achieve. The potentials are there. We will weather it.
“Already, as you have seen, we have sat down to address the important issue, which is the economy.
“We have come out with about 20-point resolutions to the Executive, that we think they should do. We also have about four for ourselves. And we have started doing it already.
“The last session, we started addressing some of these issues, that we are sure will make us come out of this recession in a short while. We will start preparing for 2017 Budget, to ensure that there will be release of funds that would be spent to do that.
“On the issue of the Niger Delta, we will also be favourably disposed, to looking at the budget of amnesty programme in 2017, to send the right signal. This is what we are looking at.
“We understand the challenges, and we will play our own role to ensure we get out of it,” Saraki said.


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