Tears and sorrow trail the highly reprehensible and heartbreaking behaviour as a business woman was shot dead by her husband on Thuresday thus sparking off an outrage in the southern African nation of Mozambique.
Police sources revealed that Valentina Guebuza, the influential businesswoman who was shot dead was the daughter of former Mozambican President Armando.
She was shot in their apartment, in a wealthy neighbourhood of the capital, Maputo.
A Police spokesperson, Orlando Mudumane, said Guebuza, a member of the ruling Frelimo party’s Central Committee and ranked as one of Africa’s most powerful women, was rushed to hospital after being shot four times but died en route.
Mudumane said that her husband, Zofimo Muiuane, had confessed to the murder, saying they had of late been living a tumultuous relationship.

A South Africa-trained civil engineer, Guebuza held prominent positions in the telecommunications and banking sectors and led several family businesses.
Among these was Focus 21, a family investment firm with interests in fisheries, transportation, mining, real estate, media and the port in Beira, Mozambique’s second city.

Her father, Armando, stepped down in 2015 after 10 years as president in which his commercial interests earned him the nickname Gue-Business.
He remains one of Mozambique’s most powerful figures


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