It all happened in the speed of light and like a nightmare, she found her lovely and well-coveted skin burning as she engaged in a macabre dance of horror wishing she could simply wake up from the bad dream.
Julie also regarded as Superhuman is an American lady and philanthropist who survived a death scare due to a domestic fire outbreak incident that heartlessly ravaged her beautiful skin.
The curvy lady was confined to the Intensive Care Unit of an hospital for months earlier this year as she painfully recuperated slowly to the surprise of her friends, family members and sympathizers.
The sad memories remain unforgettable to the dark-skinned lady who is also into entrepreneurship.
Narrating her ordeal concerning the fire burns, she said;
"It honestly feels like a dream. Like none of this happened and I'm watching it all play out in my sleep... All I can say is God saves and Prayers work. I'm forever grateful to be here and be living out this dream."


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